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Busy in the Best Way: A Day in the Life of a Frassati Intern

By: Claire Stein - Frassati Intern, Cohort 4

MSP Skyline

6:46 AM → Between the summer sun streaming through the convent’s windows and a list of goals for the day swirling through my brain, I’m usually up and turning off my alarm before it rings at 7:15.

8:07 AM → After eating breakfast, packing lunches, and donning “smart casual” OOTDs, my site partner Kate and I head out for the day. In the car, we listen to NPR as we glide along Ayd Mill Road in all its traffic-free glory. This morning—no kidding—we hit only green lights.

Claire Stein - Aim Higher Frassati Intern8:28 AM → Kate and I walk into the Aim Higher Foundation’s fifth floor office, greeted by Office Manager Rebecca Onnen’s cheery smile. I start my day with an hour of emails, the content of which includes thank you notes, interview scheduling, and a reminder to school leaders to promote our Scholar Stories form.

9:50 AM → Because all five team members are in the office this morning, my usual interview spot is occupied. I head to the conference room and make do with a makeshift set up: my phone recording, Kate’s phone on speaker, and my laptop open with a few initial questions for today’s subject, a single mother of a third grade Scholar.

10:48 AM → I’m back at my desk, replying to Board members. As I’ve updated the “Our Leadership” page on the foundation’s website this summer, I’ve learned a lot about the lay and clerical leaders on the Board, as well as their experiences in financial management, school administration, non-profit development, and more.

11:35 AM → I spend an hour before and after lunch transcribing a parent interview I recorded last week. Listening back to these conversations, I always discover a compelling detail or quote I didn’t notice in the moment. With the interview typed out in front of me, a blog post starts taking shape in my head.

2:30 PM → In the afternoon, I have a check-in with Ricky Austin, Aim Higher’s Vice President of Advancement and Operations. To start, I run through three quick questions about annual report design, a video re-shoot, and the most recent draft of my most recent blog post. Ricky assigns me another project, updating the content and layout of a sponsorship packet for the annual gala. “Anything else?” he asks.

3:35 PM → Though traffic makes us late for our visit to St. Peter Catholic School, Principal Dennis Rankin waves enthusiastically from the front steps. “One of you must be Claire,” he greets me and Kate. “That would be me—thanks for responding to my many emails!” An ACE and Remick Leadership grad, Dennis guides a tour consisting of 90% St. Peter facts, 10% Notre Dame Intros - Extended Edition™. We stay until 5, discussing what our team can do to help lighten this first year principal’s load.

5:16 PM → In an unanticipated twist to the day, Kate and I find ourselves in the Lakeview Lutheran Church parking lot, in need of a tow. Although solving an escape room was a fun challenge to kick things off at the Frassati retreat back in (month?), next year, interns should strategize how to make it to the nearest Enterprise Rent-a-car three minutes before closing time…!

7:10 PM → We arrive back at the convent to make dinner and it’s fun to catch up with a recently graduated ACE teacher who stops by to pick up his mail. As the clouds turn pink, I check in with family and friends before stepping out onto my room’s balcony, my latest summer read—courtesy of a Little Free Library on the next block—in hand. Our summer in Minnesota is flying by: short, but very sweet.

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